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This is it. Judgement day. Where I, the player, ask you, the fellow player/observer, to step up and share your concrit with me in regards to this lovely fellow named Loki Odinson, more commonly known as Gunnar Golmen.

Anon is activated, IP logging is off.

Feedback is how I improve and I'd love to hear it! While I may not always agree, I commit reading and analysing your concrit, then responding with how I intend to adapt my playing in light of it.

Note that this concrit is specific to the Loki that I play at [ profile] singularity_rpg.
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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Alex(ander the Crepe!)
OOC Journal: [personal profile] reignsdown
Under 18? Were I a timebender, perhaps! Otherwise: no.
Email/IM: reignsdown (gmail, AIM, plurk)
Characters Played at Singularity: Formerly? One. Presently? Less than one.

The well-played lies of the God of Mischief and Misdeeds )
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Loki is available for ALL THE SHENANIGANS, mindfucks, what have you. Major evil plot coming along? He would happily lend a hand to even the odds.

Do you want a Lokintervention?

Ping me here! NEGL, it's even more effective to ping me at Plurk, but I am happy to plot wherever you choose!
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Those on my Plurk are probably aware that I was going to retire this here Loki come March 31st. This announcement, then, comes six days early - I am dropping him, effective today. The tagging mojo for the character is gone.

While he has a few threads outstanding, most of them have been wrapped. Feel free to plurk or poke me if you want to discuss any hand-waved points on outstanding threads or CR.

This all said, I am keeping Miss Violet Parr and Mr. Richard Grayson!
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As of March 25, 2012, Loki Odinson has been retired from Singularity and is an inactive character.

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